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VoIP is a cost effective solution to voice calls which eliminates the need for telephone lines and third party service providers. We have direct connection agreements with other telephony service providers. You therefore receive reduced call rates which in turn save you money on your overall telephony costs.

Your transition to and management of your VoIP solution is guaranteed to be seamless and will be based on key features that we have bundled in our service delivery mechanisms. This covers:
- Number Porting
- Ensuring a Carrier Grade voice quality
- Scalable and mobile solutions
- Reduced call rates

For leading enterprises, we provide solutions that incorporate fail over and high availability to ensure a consistent experience across the entire business. Partnering with Iconis will provide a guaranteed service backed up by a skilled technical support and account management team to ensure your business achieves and retains a great experience. This is also based on a solution that has been deployed to a large number of our clients making this a tried an tested solution.
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