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Our aim is to ensure you can access your data from reliable and secure devices in a cost-effective manner which is why we can source the best IT equipment (hardware, software and network) to meet your business needs. Iconis offers sustainable business partnerships to ensure delivery of IT services and platforms as required by the business.


This ranges from server hardware solutions designed to ensure that the business case and requirements are met and not limited by backend resources. In addition to this, we also work on storage solutions that are optimized down to application performance requirements in order to ensure a world class performance experience. We also provide networking solution sales that ensure your entire infrastructure remains connected. Our partnerships with key manufacturers helps us achieve this scale of service delivery.


The future of the data centre will be driven by software solutions that provide more reach and configuration options. We have establish relationships that help us ensure we can assist your business in various aspects of software procurement and acquisition. Your IT infrastructure is integral to your business which means that a sound infrastructure software strategy removes the administrative burden of IT, letting you focus on your business goals.

Vendor Management And License Administration

In most cases, IT does not realize that they are billed for or paying recurring fees on licensing, support and/or software that they actual do not need. Iconis has expertise in software asset management and related practices to help ensure that your business actually does have access to the required software and related support. We also provide specialised skill to ensure that your software utilization and licensing does match your procured and registered software licensing.
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