Tshwane University of Technology

Cyber Security

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The Challenge

The university did not have a way of tracking and monitoring security incidents to a granular level. Being a university, there are many risks that target systems and services across various domains in the university. Students typically use technology in an unusual way compared to staff, and this sometimes triggers indicators of compromise for their behaviors.

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The Solution

The security team delivered a solution that brings security events from various platform that the university has deployed and presents them in a digestible and actionable manner whilst ensuring: 1. Better visibility via user- and device-based analytics; 2. Easy implementation ; 3. Ease of use; 4. A good support model.There is also an integration with various threat intelligence sources to ensure that threats are detected and corelated with a reduced false positive score.

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The Benefit

The university now has access to real-time threat intelligence and can make quick and informed decisions to reduce the risk from cyber related events. Both students and staff information is securely shared across the various networks.

Client:Tshwane University of Technology.



Type:Tertiary Education

In the education sector, Tshwane University of Technology is one of the leading higher education providers in South Africa and competitive at an international level.

They offer training from various locations across the Gauteng region in South Africa which means that there are various levels of access and security considerations.