IT Managed Services

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The Challenge

With Barrows Global being a retail manufacturer, they do carry out a lot of design related work for their clients. This means that large files are sent across the network by various design teams. The network was a 1Gb based network which posed a challenge on the speed of meeting deadlines of product designs and other client expectations for various products.

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The Solution

The outcome to resolve this challenge was to redesign the entire infrastructure. This was done and a 10Gb network backbone was installed from the core to the access layer. This resulted in increased network throughput thereby greatly reducing time to deliver design projects. We further went on to provide access to a fast read/write storage back-end also connected to a 10Gb backbone to ensure that there are no bottlenecks on that part of the network. Monitoring of the network was also a key requirement which is what we have done in order to maintain visibility of the network performance.

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The Solution

Our client now has the capability to produce design files at a faster pace and meet deadlines sooner. This also means that our client can now increase capacity and in turn the business can grow by increasing the number of customers.

Client:Barrows Global


Type:IT Managed Services, Retail

Barrows global is a leading manufacturer with an extensive product range and design capability within the retails sector.

The company has an international presence for the services they provide which means that uptime is a critical factor in the day-to-day running of the business.