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About Iconis Network Cabling Solutions

Network Cabling also common referred to as Structured Cabling, forms the backbone for any enterprise network, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Since network cables represent one of the foundational components of your IT infrastructure, and has a direct impact the performance and stability of a network, it is vital to ensure that right category of cable is used to meet business specific needs and requirements both short-term and long-term.

Choosing the right CAT cable

There are various categories of network cables, with each category having their own specific use case based on performance requirements or environmental factors. Each category of cabling has varying characteristics in three major areas:


1.) Maximum Throughput

2.) Maximum Cable Length

3.) Susceptibility to Interference


The major categories that are in use today is CAT5e through to CAT8. The summary of the difference between these cables can be found below.

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Cat 5 Cabling

This category had a maximum throughput of 100Mbs, and been superseded by CAT5e due to the growing and need of higher throughput. Cat5 cabling is no longer produced.


Cat5e Cabling

Cat 5e cable is capable of performing up to 350 Mhz and capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps. The ``e`` stands for enhanced; the ``enhancement`` is due to a better design that significantly reduces cross-talk over the older Cat 5 standard.


Cat 6 Cabling

The Cat 6 standard gives higher performance than Cat 5e. Cat 6 can perform up to 550 Mhz, and like Cat 5e is designed for 1 Gbps networking. Since Cat 6 can operate at a high frequency then Cat5e , it is able to achieve more consistent GIGBYTE performance that cat 5e.


Cat 6A

Cat 6A has was designed for much higher to meet the growing throughput needs for larger enterprises and can achieve speeds of up to 10 Gbps networking.


Cat 7

Cat 7 supports 10 Gbps networking just like Cat 6A but is seen to produce more reliable results, mainly due to its double-shielded construction.


Cat 8

Cat 8 is for data centre applications, primarily designed to interconnect switches, servers, blade chassis, etc

Iconis Network Cabling Solutions

Iconis to offers high quality structured cabling installations to suite the size of any organisation. Our network cabling teams represent a group of specialists with years of experience in conducting in-depth site surveys, and developing high performance and resilient solutions, that is tailored to your specific business requirements and environment.

The Iconis network cabling team can install networks using CAT5 or Shielded CAT5 cable to prevent interference and cross talk. For more high-performance Gigabit network requirements, we install CAT 6 and CAT 7. The Iconis network cabling team can assist with all your business requirement needs, from new installations, to fault finding, repairs and maintenance. Our team is here to assist your business in developing a solution that is fault tolerant, performant and within your budget.

Iconis offers great range of Wi-Fi solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your business. From centrally managed, large Wi-Fi networks through to small networks which span only a handful of rooms. Our engineers will be able to assess your physical business environment and design a high performance and secure solution to meet your business needs.

We are proudly partnered with Cisco, Dell & HP for switch installations; Ubiquiti, Cisco, HP & Mikrotik for Wifi Installations and Maxxim, Molex and Legrand for Structured Cabling Installations