Managed IT Services

About Managed IT Services

Iconis is a managed services provider (MSP) responsible for managing customer IT infrastructure. Depending on your goals and budget, we can be a part of your in house IT team or a full-fledged IT department. Our Managed IT customers receive a comprehensive, easily scalable product that works effectively at all levels.

Outsourcing the management of your IT is the ideal solution to help you achieve maximum results from your hardware and software, in addition to having access to a large team of highly skilled engineers. Apart from the advantages inherent in a service dedicated exclusively to ensuring infrastructure health, there are also significant cost savings associated with allowing a Managed Services provider to handle such operations.

Our Managed Services portfolio caters for a variety of situations, from elementary monitoring needs to IT consulting and advanced proactive preventative measures. Backed by industry-leading vendors and support from an highly experienced and highly knowledgeable team of engineers, clients are assured of infrastructure which operates securely and efficiently.


Managed IT Services

Designed to proactively maintain workstations by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, management, unlimited remediation, helpdesk and emergency support for a fixed monthly price.


The Proactive Solution

Designed to proactively maintain workstations by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, and management for a fixed monthly price.


The Reactive Solution

Designed to provide onsite and remote reactive support when requested by a client.


Remote Support

Remote and telephonic support - provided by our full time help desk.


Onsite Support

A full-time engineer who will personally attend to all your organisations IT requirements.


Cloud Services

Professional cloud solutions supported by our highly skilled, experienced and certified cloud team. We provide solutions for both Azure and AWS cloud.


Supplier Management

Management of all related 3rd party suppliers/vendors on your behalf.


Cyber Security

Services and solutions that ensure the best possible protection for your business.

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Iconis Managed IT Services