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About Cloud Computing Solutions

At Iconis we believe the cloud is more than a destination, a journey, or a technology. It is an opportunity to completely reimagine the realms of possibility. It is the power to transform, and innovate at a blistering pace, it is the power to deploy highly cost optimized, highly resilient, decoupled solutions, using cutting- edge technologies. The Cloud is a catalyst for continuous reinvention and agility, and thus drastically reduces time to market.

At Iconis, we know how to leverage the power of cloud to ensure your business can realize its maximum potential, and achieve extraordinary value. From complex migrations, to complete cloud management solutions and Cybersecurity in the cloud, we ensure your business is able to deploy world class solutions which are highly secure and cost effective. Iconis allows your business to focus on what matters, your customers.

The Iconis Approach - Fast Track Approach to the cloud

Iconis can help enterprises fast track their cloud strategy with a structured, holistic and agile migration factory approach for full-stack migration that includes apps, infrastructure, security and DevOps. This not only helps reduce time to market but also adds value to cloud-enabled business transformation projects. This approach follows a defined, repeatable set of processes.

Our structured process breaks the planning and execution of a cloud migration, as well as the ongoing management and optimization of the cloud, into a series of strictly defined processes using the agile methodology executed through scrums. Various accelerators, such as prebuilt solution blueprints and patterns, migration tools, factory models, performance dashboards and governance frameworks, as well as integrated change management

Our Cloud Computing Solutions


Cloud Consulting

Let us help your business unlock its true potential with consulting, planning and road mapping that cover a vast range of technologies based on your requirements.


Cloud Migration

Iconis Cloud Migration Services helps handle your business’ cloud migration so you can concentrate on everything else. Cloud Migration Services helps boost the speed, performance, scalability and security of your cloud adoption and transformation. Our experts will help you design the best migration strategy and roadmap for a secure, repeatable and scalable path to the cloud.


Cost Optimisation

Our Engineers have years of experience in architecting world class solutions while ensuring that all workloads for fully cost optimized. The ensures maximum ROI.


Cloud Security

Iconis offers world-class cloud security consulting services for a range of cloud environments. Our cybersecurity staff have extensive experience in providing cloud security consulting for Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms. Our world-class security experts are standing by, ready to help you respond to a security incident, implement new security controls, or to build an information security and access management program around your existing cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Monitoring and Automation

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize everything from your infrastructure to your end user experience. Solve your complex performance and reliability problems with powerful, extensible cloud-based monitoring solutions. Cloud adoption is always challenging. But Iconis makes migrating, optimizing, and modernizing easier with unparalleled end-to-end visibility.

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