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At Iconis we believe the cloud is more than a destination, a journey, or a technology. It is an opportunity to completely reimagine the realms of possibility. It is the power to transform, and innovate at a blistering pace, it is the power to deploy highly cost optimized, highly resilient, decoupled solutions, using cutting- edge technologies. The Cloud is a catalyst for continuous reinvention and agility, and thus drastically reduces time to market.

At Iconis, we know how to leverage the power of cloud to ensure your business can realize its maximum potential, and achieve extraordinary value. From complex migrations, to complete cloud management solutions and Cybersecurity in the cloud, we ensure your business is able to deploy world class solutions which are highly secure and cost effective. Iconis allows your business to focus on what matters, your customers.

The Iconis Approach - Fast Track Approach to the cloud

Iconis can help enterprises fast track their cloud strategy with a structured, holistic and agile migration factory approach for full-stack migration that includes apps, infrastructure, security and DevOps. This not only helps reduce time to market but also adds value to cloud-enabled business transformation projects. This approach follows a defined, repeatable set of processes.

Our structured process breaks the planning and execution of a cloud migration, as well as the ongoing management and optimization of the cloud, into a series of strictly defined processes using the agile methodology executed through scrums. Various accelerators, such as prebuilt solution blueprints and patterns, migration tools, factory models, performance dashboards and governance frameworks, as well as integrated change management

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Our Cloud Computing Solutions


Cloud Strategy Services

✓ Defining a Cloud strategy aligned with your business & IT goals

✓ Cloud Readiness Assessment

✓  Cloud Architecture Audit

✓ Cloud roadmap and  strategy

✓Multi-cloud strategy and  Hybrid Cloud Strategy


Cloud Migration Services

✓ SWOT Analysis

✓ Readiness Assessment

✓ Cloud-to-cloud movement

✓ Migration of workloads

✓ Validation and performance testing


Cloud Cost Optimisation

✓ We reduce your  cloud costs by continuously rightsizing and strategically utilizing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans

✓ Cloud Cost Audit

✓ Cloud Cost budgets

✓ Cloud Cost monitoring

✓ Cloud Cost  alerts



Cloud Managed Services

✓ Ad-hoc and SLA based support.

✓  Proactive Support  & Incident Management

✓ 24 hour support

✓ Cost Savings

✓ Less Downtime


Cloud Security & Advanced Networking

✓ Vulnerability Management Service

✓ Advisory Services

✓  DevSecOps

✓  Secure Architecture

✓  Advanced networking solutions  (IPSEC  VPNS, VPC & VNET Peering)





Cloud Governance

✓Strategy and Assessment

✓ Governance

✓ Center of Excellence

✓Financial Governance and Cloud FinOps Tools


Disaster Recovery Management Services

✓  Application protection

✓ Remote management of all backups

✓   Hyrbrid Backup plans

✓  Backup of onsite resources to the cloud  (offsite backup for DRP)

✓  Business Continuity Management


Cloud Transformation and Modernization

✓ Transformation Program

✓ Cloud Architecture

✓ Infrastructure Modernization

✓ Application Modernization

✓ Modern Workforce Implementation

✓ Dynamics 365 Implementation

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