Access Control

What is access control?

Access control is a means of ensuring that users are who they say they are, specifically the user needs to prove they have valid identity to access intended resource. This is often referred to as authentication. In addition to authentication,
the user needs to be authorized, which means that users need to have the required permissions to access the specified resource.

In summary, access control is a selective restriction of access. It consists of two components: authentication and authorization. Without both, authentication and
authorization, there is no security.

The Importance of Access Control?

The ultimate aim of access control is to provide a level of security that minimises risk to a business or organisation by helping safeguard both physical and logical assets. Physical access control restricts access to buildings, rooms and/ or physical IT assets. Logical access control restricts connections to computer networks, system files and data.

Since company data is the single biggest asset the importance of access control is critical, when you are considering the protection of your company data. From trade secrets and product plans, to customer details, the very essence of your business is based on data. Every business has data and so every business must pay very close attention to how they store, restrict access and protect this valuable asset.

There are three main components to any access control set up

The Importance of Access Control?



Identification of who is accessing secured information/areas/assets



Authentication of the individual to ensure they have the right permissions to grant access.



When authentication is successful, access control systems can then authenticate and grant access to the individual via password, pin, encryption, keys, smartcards and fingerprints to the resource they’re looking to gain access to.

Benefits of Access Control?


Peace of mind your data is safe and only access by relevant people.


Identification, you can see who is accessing your controlled data and when they are accessing it.


Your data is protected from accidental destruction from deletion or overwriting.


Your data is protected from malicious intent.


You can vary user permissions and block permissions easily – great for when staff leave or change roles so they always have relevant access.


Compliance with data privacy laws that regulates to storage, access and use of personal data.


Keep your business, it’s employees and assets secure from external eyes.


Access is centrally managed and administered via a dashboard or reporting portal.

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Iconis Access Control Security Solutions

Iconis is one of the few access control security companies in South Africa that provide comprehensive Access Control Security Solutions which range from card/proximity access systems to biometric fingerprint keypad technology. Iconis supplies, installs and maintains access control solutions in a variety of sizes ranging from enterprise corporate systems to simple keypad access for remote stand-alone locations, we can accommodate all types of requirements depending on your access control risks.

Iconis makes use of the most advanced, best in class access control solutions to provide our clients with peace-of-mind and control over who is authorised to enter facilities, as well as extensive reporting and trends analysis on historical events.

Iconis Access Control Solutions