Big Data and Business Analytics

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence:

At Iconis we believe that data is the single most valuable asset of any organisation and we are on a mission to help companies transform their data into high valuable actionable insights, which drives decision making and boosts revenue, increases efficiencies and delivers world-class service. Get the competitive edge you need to take your business to the next level.

What are the benefits of BI?

The current crop of business intelligence tools available in the market integrates the commonly used functionalities in BI such as analytics, reporting and visualization. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from BI:


1. It provides relevant insights.

You remove guess work and apply analytical information to optimize business processes, tasks and activities.

2. It gives a bird’s eye view.

Decision makers get an overall picture of corporate performance through typical BI features like dashboards and scorecards.

3. It centralizes data.

Having data under one roof translates to efficiency and savings.

4. It streamlines business processes.

BI takes out the complication associated with business processes since it automates analytics – a complex task that combines statistics, predictive analysis, computer modeling, benchmarking and other methodologies – so you don’t have to do the calculations yourself, and free you up to focus on other important matters and decisions.

A KPMG survey of 400 U.S. CEOs reveals the following:

BI Statistics


51% use data analytics to develop new products and services


50% use analytics to drive process and cost efficiency


49% use data analytics to find new customers


48% use analytics to drive strategy and change


46% use analytics to manage risk


44% use data and analytics to analyze existing customer needs, value, profitability, and likelihood of customer to defect

Our Solutions and Expertise:

1.    Data Visualization and Reporting

Using cutting edge industry leading tools, our team is able to provide advanced  dashboard development solutions. We are able transform raw information from multiple sources into insightful report interactive reports.

2.     Data Cleansing and Automation

We use Alteryx Automate every step of analytics, including data prep, blending, reporting, predictive analytics, and data science. Access any data source, file, application, or data type, and experience the simplicity and power of a self-service platform with 300+ automation building blocks. Start creating interactive outcomes today.

3.    Data warehousing and ETL processes

We provide custom warehouse development services to help businesses improve data aggregation, storage, processing, and analysis. Our expertise includes Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) patterns, data marts, 360-degree view systems. We also offer DWH modernization and upgrade according to your specific needs.

4.    Installation, Scaling, Upgrade, Troubleshooting & Monitoring

We are able to carry out installation, ongoing upgrades, scaling and monitoring of both Alteryx Server and Tableau Server.  If you need help with complex migrations or server training our Tableau and Alteryx certified engineers are able to assist you in the fastest time possible.

Why use us?


Trusted Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience and support to provide various services to ensure that your security fabric is designed to protect your business.


Advanced Functionality

Iconis Security has partnerships with leading vendors and industry leaders in the IT Security space. This guarantees you access to current and relevant technology to secure your operations.


Streamlined Integration

We drive on ease of integration which is a key success factor to a SIEM implementation. Iconis Security will provide solutions that easily plug into your platforms.

Get in contact with us to discuss how some of these Cyber Security benefits could assist your business.

Iconis Big Data & Business Analytics Solutions