About Us

What are we all About?

Icon Information Systems (ICONIS) is an integrated infrastructure and service provider, offering unified Information Technology (IT) solutions globally. In the current business environment, technology is emerging as the primary driver of efficiency and profitability. The ICONIS team possesses a unique blend of IT expertise and practical business acumen to assist your company in gaining a competitive edge.

Our Vision

To enable every organisation on the planet to accomplish more.

“We are an ambitious organization, one that is making a positive and significant impact on all who we work with. Doing good work with good people!”

Rimmon Kisten
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Number of International Clients
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Our Mission

To provide businesses with innovative and trusted technology solutions.

“We strive everyday to put our intelligence, experience and passion into what we do. We are proud to have clients who we know incredibly well, clients who trust us.”

Joshua Gardner

Our Skills

IT Managed Services100%
Cloud Solutions100%
Cyber Security100%
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics100%
Software Development100%